Buying a home for the first time can get stressful. One of the most important aspects to making the right call on your first home is the home inspection.

Am I Required to Have a Home Inspection?

It’s different from state to state, but in New Hampshire, home inspections are not required. To receive a VA water testing of a well, home inspections are required.

Home inspection gives you a chance to have a professional take a look at the mechanical and structural well-being of the home. Some important aspects to the home include roofing, plumbing, HVAC systems, water damage, and overall structure.

Some of these major flaws of a home require a trained eye and equipment to accurately measure the issues that need to be addressed prior to purchasing the home.

What does the home inspector check?

There is a list of items that the home inspector checks during the scheduled inspection. Here are some aspects of the house that we check.

For outside the house:

  • What kind of siding is on the home? Is it in good condition?
  • Does the roof have any big spots or missing tiles?
  • Are there any noticeable cracks in the foundation? Any trees nearby the foundation of the home?
  • Do the doors open and close without resistance?

For inside the house:

  • Any scent of mold?
  • Any moisture in the attic?
  • What type of heating and cooling systems are in place? Do they function well, especially in extreme weather conditions?
  • Is the water pressure acceptable?
  • Are all the electrical outlets grounded?

3 Questions to ask the home inspector

  1. What type of problems can exist in newer homes vs older homes?
  2. What should I look out for in terms of the HVAC system?
  3. What are common problems that were overlooked by buyers because they didn’t hire a home inspector?

We hope that this information can help you go into your experience in buying your new home with confidence!